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Proposed solution

The proposed solution is a new antibacterial additive prepared as silver nano-particles Ag0. The silver particles dispersed in the paint layer neutralize any pathogenic organisms and thus prevent them from proliferating.This project aims at producing, first, antibacterial additives for water-based wall paints. Once added according to specifications, the paints become effective against all types of bacteria that come in contact with the walls.

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Our innovation

It is a rather innovative technique that allows, by means of a small quantity of silver (a few milligrams), to protect large surfaces of walls against any previous contamination, especially in hospitals where hundreds of vulnerable and antibiotic resistant bacteria proliferate, which are called nosocomial bacteria. Currently there is no cure for these bacteria and the protection of various surfaces (walls, floors, doors, handles, instruments, ...) against contamination is a fairly effective alternative to fight against their proliferation.

These additives are mainly silver nano-particles and nano-composites dispersed in a water-based solution that are prepared by specific methods tested and optimized in our laboratories.

The silver nano-particles inhibit and neutralize in a few minutes, by three possible mechanisms, any type of micro-organism that comes in contact with the treated surfaces and thus prevent them from proliferating. These solutions are added to waterborne wall paints to prevent contamination of hospital or common areas by susceptible bacteria.


Three essential points

Antibacterial paint is distinguished by its durability, more than three years, its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria and by its non-toxicity unlike conventional fungicides. It also offers protection against the formation of any mold on the walls due to moisture or rain, which offers more longevity than conventional paints.


Prepared prototypes of wall paints fortified with our silver nano-particles have shown 95% effectiveness against vulnerable antibiotic resistant bacteria such as Staphylo or E-Coli.


Our additives are of inorganic nature which have a durable effect of at least three years contrary to the classic organic additives which age after a few weeks.


The content of additives in the paint is quite low and is far from the minimum toxicity limit, which gives it the quality of an ecological product.

Certified by two microbiology laboratories

The paint admixed with Fluoink Technologies antibacterial additive can reduce the bacterial load by 99%. The efficacy of this treatment is tested in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard.


The antibacterial tests have been certified by two microbiology laboratories at the Sfax Biotechnology Center CBS and at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax. Additional tests are being conducted at the technical center of chemistry. Toxicity tests carried out in the previously mentioned laboratories have confirmed the ecological aspect of our product.